Stormy Weather



Just when everything was going smoothly!! I had a very busy week making storage jars.  These always take a little more patience and time.  Lids have to be carefully thrown, measured and fitted allowing for shrinkage and the finials thrown on top of the lids when they are leather hard (half dried).  I proudly lined up my week’s work on the bench to dry looking forward to getting them in the kiln this week.  This morning, however, on entering the studio I was very upset to see that my little cottage studio which is inclined to the odd leak here and there, had really suffered in the rain and wind last night and the storm had dumped a considerable load of water through the roof over a few hours all over my work which was ruined!!

After an initial moment of sadness and a few choice rude words, I hit the usual spot for bringing light to my life.  The beach.  A drive through more torrential rain to Salt House, one of my favourite spots on the Norfolk Coast.  Just as I arrived the sun burst out from behind the clouds and as I strolled along the beach with my dog Inca and my son Digby, a seal popped its head up from the water to keep an eye on us.  Its amazing how nature can fix you.  Well it fixed me and now its time to get back in the studio and start remaking what was spoiled.  (and attempt to fix the roof!)

I am hoping to get some of what was spared, into the kiln and first fired at the end of the week and on then glazed and fired at the beginning of next so on the website store for following weekend so please do pop back and have a look. And, remember, if you would like to be reminded of when new stock comes in just drop me an email to be added to my reminder list.

Hoping that you are all safe and well (and dry!!)

Kat x

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